Locked Out of Windows 7/Vista/XP – How to Bypass Windows Password

Locked out of Windows is a common topic that people forgot/lost their password and can’t log on to computer happens quite often. So don’t worry, with each version of Windows, recovering a lost password becomes harder and harder from Windows XP to Windows 7. However, there’s no need to abandon hope as there are many methods u can try. This article will show you how to bypass Windows 7/Vista/XP password when you locked out of Windows 7/Vista/XP.

Section One: Bypass Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 Password with “Asunsoft Windows Password Reset Personal”

Windows Password Reset Personal is one of the most popular Windows password recovery tool that it can help reset Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 administrator and common user password with CD/DVD or USB Drive. When you forgot your Windows login password, this software is useful for you to bypass windows password without data lost. Here we take Windows 7 for example to show you how to use Windows Password Reset Personal to recover Windows 7 password within 3 minutes. To bypass Windows Vista, XP, 2000 password with Windows Password Reset Personal is the same as this. This is the easiest and secure way to regain access to your computer.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Reset Personal on anther computer you can access as administrator.

Step 2: Run the software to create a Windows password bypass disk with CD/DVD or USB.

Note: You must do this on another computer which you can access as administrator.

1. Plug in a writable USB Flash Drive and choose Burn to USB.
2. Select you drive name from the pull-down list.
3. Click Burn button, the burning process will start.
4. Burning completed successfully, take out you USB Flash Drive. You also can do this with a writable CD or DVD.

Step 3: Plug in the Windows password bypass disk to your locked computer, boot the computer from CD/DVD or USB.

Step 4: Bypass Windows 7, XP, Vista password by reseting its password or creating a new administrator account.

Option 1. Bypass Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2000 password by reseting password
After booting from CD/DVD or USB, Asunsoft Windows Password Reset Personal will start automatically and display a friendly interface.
1. Click a user account from the list. All user accounts of your Windows will be listed.
2. Click Reset Password button and click Yes when a confirm dialog pops up, then you can reset other users’ password as well. Note: Windows Password Reset Personal will reset the password as blank, you can log on without password.
3. After resetting password successfully, click Reboot. When a mesage pops up, eject Windows password bypass disk, and click Yes to restart your computer then you can feel free to login without password.

Option 2. Bypass Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 password by creating new administrator account offline.

Asunsoft Windows Password Reset Personal allows you to create new administrator account to Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 without logining. You can simply click Add User button to add a new administrator account, type a name and password when a dialog pops up, click OK. Then you can login Windows 7 with this new account. So you can bypass Windows 7, XP, Vista, XP password using this function. No personal files or setting will be changed. This is useful when you were locked out of Windows 7, Vista, XP or Windows 2000.

Section Two: How to Bypass Windows 7, Vista, XP Password Through Another Administrator Account

If you have another user account with admin privileges, including built-in accounts in Windows 7/Vista/XP, you can easily bypass other accounts’ password using Lusrmgr.msc and Command Line.

Option 1: Bypass Windows 7/Vista/XP password Using “lusrmgr.msc”

Log on Windows 7/Vista/XP with your administrator account. Click on Start, type lusrmgr.msc in the Search box(Win7/Vista) or Run box(Win7/Vista/XP) and click OK.

When the Local users and Groups dialog appears, open the Users folder. Right-click your user account and select “set password”, type a new password and click OK.

Option 2: Bypass Windows 7/Vista/XP password by Command(also called CMD or net user).

Here I just show you how to bypass Windows Vista password with CMD. If you are locked out of Windows XP , Win 7, the key steps of bypassing Windows 7, XP password is the same as this.

Step 1: Logon your Windows as administrator(You also can logon Safe Mode with Command Prompt, pressing F8 when restart your computer, hit up/down key to choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt and hit Enter).
Step 2: Click on Start, type cmd in the Run box or Search box and press Enter.
Step 3: Type net user, all user accounts of your computer will be listed.
Step 4: Type net user “UserName” “NewPassword”(replace UerName and NewPassword with yours), press Enter, then the password will be reset as new one and you can logon Windows Vista with it.

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