Forgot Windows 8.1/8 Administrator Password

Have you installed Windows Preview Developer, also named Windows 8 in your PC? If you forgot Windows 8 administrator password, how to do?

Because Windows 8 is presently the newest Windows Operating System. You can set four types of user account with password to protect your PC. This article will show you how to recover a forgotten Windows 8 administrator password.

As we know, we can create a Windows 8 password reset disk before you lost password. You can use it to easily reset user password when you forgot. But, you wouldn’t come here if you have done that. There are two available Windows Password Recovery Tool can help you instantly reset your lost password.

1. Asunsoft Windows Password Reset Advanced

2. Spower Windows Password Reset

You can download and install them on another PC you can access to. And burn to a CD/DVD or USB flash drive to create a bootable disk, transfer this boot disk to boot your locked PC. Then you can easily reset any WIndows password.

So, this is presently the easiest way to recover a lost Windows 8 administrator password.

More details: Windows 8.1 Password Recovery.

                           Hack Windows 8 Administrator Password

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